Lean To Conservatory

A lean-to conservatory has a flat angled roof that slopes downward, allowing rain to run off the roof.
This is what gives this conservatory style the appearance of ‘leaning’ against a house (hence it’s name).
If you have a Lean To Conservatory and are suffering from extreme temperature differences, noise nuisance from rain or sleet, sun glare or just want to modernise and upgrade your conservatory JLH Home Improvements can provide the ideal solution.


Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is a popular, multi-faceted structure which has been inspired from late Victorian architecture. 
Its steeply pitched roof features fantastic finials and crestings – a popular decorative feature of the times.
The modern UPVC Victorian conservatory has been designed to complement properties both young and old, however its period styling makes it particularly suited to traditional style homes.
Victorian conservatories come in many variations with the most popular being the three-facet Victorian (featuring a bay front with three main windows) and a five-facet Victorian (with five main windows).


Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory combines clean symmetrical shapes with traditional finishing touches, resulting in a much loved classic and understated design.This flat-walled conservatory is perfect for those seeking a simple and uncomplicated style of conservatory.
The spacious Edwardian conservatory allows you to extend your house to create a new dining room, lounge, playroom or utility room. This versatile conservatory style presents you with endless renovating options.
Edwardian conservatories can be incorporated into many homes, traditional and modern alike. This design keeps decoration to a minimum and instead offers a generous amount of floor space – perfect for the inclusion of furniture and plants.


P and T Shape Conservatory

You may want to enjoy your garden to the full from a bright and spacious P-shaped or T shaped conservatory.
These conservatories are ideal for split purposes. Maybe a dining room as well as a space to relax. A games room, but also space for the children.
P or T shaped conservatories, are feature rooms that should be enjoyed all year round. LJH Home Improvements, are experts at making sure you can regain this special space and guarantee you will be able to use it 365 days a year, for whatever purpose you choose.

Apex Conservatory

When it comes to creating a sense of magnificence, nothing compares to the stunning look of the Apex conservatory.
This conservatory style is in a league of its own. With a stunning and exceptional vertical roof design, Apex conservatories boast an impressive structure.
Influenced by the Georgian style, the Apex Conservatory design is grand in appearance, and will add a touch of class to any type of property.
Particularly well suited to period properties, the Apex conservatory enhances a home’s traditional features.



Double Hipped Edwardian Conservatory

Double hipped Edwardian roofs are normally where we have had to change the design of an existing lean to because there is no room on the house wall to go up further to elevate the pitch to a minimum of 15° or where a lean to is on a bungalow.
Double hipped simply gives us a way of providing ample rainfall from the house roof and the new conservatory roof by means of a box gutter which is attached to the house and the conservatory.